Nursing home caregivers convicted of vulnerable adult abuse

For many families in Philadelphia, choosing to place a loved one in a nursing home can be a tough decision. Many are concerned with the care that their loved one will receive and worry that there may be a possibility of abuse. Signs that family members should be aware of that can indicate abuse in the elderly are unexplained scratches and bruises, especially those that are in the shape of a hand or belt, missing patches of hair, fear of the caregiver in question and withdrawing and just not acting like his or her normal self.

One family that suspected their loved one was the victim of nursing home abuse set up a hidden camera in the 93-year-old woman’s room. What they saw on the footage was upsetting, to say the least. The video shows the elderly woman being thrown onto her bed on multiple occasions by a 68-year-old caregiver at the facility. The caregiver also bent the woman’s toes backwards, used a remote control to hit the woman in the face and punched her in the back. A 29-year-old male caregiver was also seen throwing the woman onto her bed, hitting her in the face and throwing the woman’s shirt at her after ripping it off her body.

The two were arrested and appeared in court where they were both convicted of vulnerable adult abuse. The victim’s family may also wish to file a civil case against the caregivers in order to receive compensation for the woman’s pain and suffering.

Source: Tucson News Now, “Elderly abuse at Tucson care home caught on camera,” Dan Marries, Dec. 23, 2013

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