Nursing Home Accused of Ignoring Patients’ Bed Sores

When families in Philadelphia leave their loved ones in the care of a nursing home or care center, it’s typically with the understanding that the center’s staff will do all that they can to ensure that their new charge is taken care of. Yet leaving a loved one in the care of such a facility doesn’t eliminate the need for the family to continue to look out for his or her well-being. In order to avoid having a family member or friend become the victim of elder abuse, one should always be on the lookout for any signs that indicate that he or she may be being neglected by his or her nursing home’s staff.

It was through the testimony of a family member that Texas state authorities were able to impose penalties on a local nursing home for allegedly neglecting their patients. A man living at the home had left to stay with family for the weekend when his family member noticed that he had developed a large pressure sore. The sore eventually become infected and led to the man’s untimely death. During the subsequent investigation, it was discovered that other patients had also not been properly treated for bed sores. The nursing home received a hefty fine, and the state is looking to impose permanent sanctions which could prohibit its parent company from operating care facilities in the region.

Often, the victims of nursing home neglect are unable to point out the abuse to their friends and family. Thus, it becomes that much more important for family members to keep an eye out for abuse of any kind. Those who feel their loved ones may have suffered from such abuse may want to consider working with an attorney to take action against their care providers.

Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram, “State sues Arlington nursing home, alleging neglect of patients,” Elizabeth Campbell, June 19, 2014

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