Nancy Winkler Files Claim Against GM for Injured Client

Nancy Winkler has filed a lawsuit against General Motors (GM) on behalf of her injured client, Jacqueline Gilbert. Gilbert was injured when her 2010 Chevrolet Colbalt veered off the road and smashed into an utility pole. The lawsuit against GM alleges the company failed to notify the public of a defect with the ignition system that causes the vehicle to lose power. Furthermore, the suit alleges that the defect prevented the air bags from being deployed the night of Gilbert’s accident.

“It is clear that in this accident, none of the air bags deployed, even though there was a significant collision,” said, Nancy Winkler. “What we do want manufacturers to do is to produce products that are safe. They knew they had these faulty ignition switches in their cars, they have known for years, and not only did they not change the part, they didn’t recall the vehicles, they didn’t warn the public. “What they should have done is said, ‘Park your car on the side of the road.’ ”

For more information on the lawsuit and the safety concerns with GM, please read the articles below from the Philadelphia Inquirer and the New York Times and listen to an interview conducted by WHYY with Nancy Winkler.