MTV Star’s Pennsylvania Crash Was No Stunt; It Was the End

For reasons that some confounded adults can’t explain, millions of fans pay to see the “Jackass” movies. That means that they are watching dangerous and often stomach-turning stunts performed by a group of buddies. The movies provide numerous opportunities to laugh until one’s stomach hurts.

Now, however, fans of the infamous stunts are hurting for an entirely different reason.

One of the men from the “Jackass” crew, Ryan Dunn, has no more stunts to perform. The 34-year-old MTV star got into a car accident in Pennsylvania early yesterday morning. He and his passenger didn’t survive the severe single-vehicle crash.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Dunn and his passenger, a 30-year-old war veteran, had recently left a bar in West Chester before the crash. That point, along with the fact that there are supposedly pictures of Dunn drinking at the bar before he left and crashed, lead some sources to think that the accident might have been the result of drunk driving.

Any DUI allegation against Dunn, however, is premature. Investigators have not identified or disclosed any other evidence that the famous stuntman was legally drunk and driving. There is allegedly evidence that Dunn was likely speeding before the accident occurred.

Sources report that the accident scene suggests that Dunn could have been driving at 100 mph in a 55 mph zone. The crash set the car on fire, killing both victims in the sports car and leaving the vehicle and victims nearly unrecognizable.

Dunn reportedly had a history of reckless driving and was once arrested, but never charged, for driving under the influence.

While there might be points that suggest Dunn’s behavior could have contributed to the fatal accident, it is only responsible at this point to address the tragic aspect of what happened. Two young men with bright pasts and futures are gone. Their friends and families are mourning their losses, awaiting answers.


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