More Patients of Negligent Dentist Test Positive for Disease

It has been a month since thousands of patients of an out-of-state dentist learned their health may have been compromised by their egregiously negligent dentist. When a patient of the dentist contracted hepatitis C and tested HIV-positive despite no obvious exposure risks, the dentist was surprised with an investigation. Patients were surprised with the horrifying outcome of that investigation.

The probe uncovered that the dentist operated a practice that failed to properly sterilizing equipment, failed to staff properly licensed professionals and so many more stomach-turning offenses. Half of the notified patients have been tested since being warned of this risk, and at present at least 60 additional victims have received the devastating news that they tested positive for either hepatitis or HIV.

A definitive and direct correlation cannot yet be issued between these test results and the negligent dentist. However, a massive undertaking assessing various components is being done in an effort to make this connection. Many of the victims are beginning to seek legal counsel to recover from this happening.

An attorney for one victim of the dentist says of this ordeal, “It’s an absolute betrayal of trust. When people go to any doctor, they assume — and rightly so — that their health is the highest concern. She feels like she has absolutely been betrayed.”

As more time unfolds, these events become more unfathomable. When individuals are victims of medical malpractice, there can be financial compensation available. When a victim in Pennsylvania suffers at the hands of a negligent dentist, surgeon, nurse or other medical professional or establishment, there can be justice. Speaking to an experienced legal attorney is a good first step toward recovery.

Source: ABC News, “Tulsa Dental Patients Fume After Exposure to Disease,” Katie Moisse, April 18, 2013

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