Man Suffers Brain Damage When Seat Collapsed in Minor Car Crash

Every time you drive the streets of Philadelphia, you are at risk for being injured in a car accident. Yet, some of the injuries sustained in automobile accidents are not a result of the accident, but rather a result of the negligence of the automaker or the parts suppliers it relies on. If it can be proven that an automobile design defect contributed to the severity of an accident victim’s injuries, the party at fault can be held liable in civil court.

A California man claims that Toyota had knowledge of a design flaw in the driver’s seat used in the 1999 Camry, yet did not recall the vehicle or inform consumers of the defect. He is suing the automaker for $25 million dollars to cover medical expenses for permanent brain damage. The lawsuit alleges that when the man’s vehicle was hit from behind, his seat collapsed and did not protect his head properly. Other passengers in the vehicle only suffered minor injuries in the accident because their seats performed as expected.

While the outcome of this trial isn’t expected until mid-September, similar lawsuits have been filed and won because of faulty seat backs. In fact, we wrote about the verdict of a product liability lawsuit in Vermont where the victim’s family was awarded millions of dollars because the jury believed that a design defect in her seat caused her paralysis. Others who may have been suffered more serious injuries because of an automobile design defect may want to speak with an attorney regarding their legal rights. They may be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses and other damages.

Source:, “Lawsuit Blames Brain Injury on 1999 Toyota Camry Faulty Seats,” PR Newswire, August 19, 2013.

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