Man Sues Ryobi After Cutting Fingers on Table Saw

When a company in Philadelphia manufactures a product, they are responsible for making sure that it is safe for the public to use. If it poses a safety risk, the company may be held accountable for any and all injuries their customers have sustained as a result of the faulty construction.

This seems to be the case for a Pennsylvania man who recently filed a lawsuit against Ryobi Technologies, Inc. The man was using a Ryobi BT210 table saw when his fingers made contact with the turning saw blade. Although the exact nature of his injuries is unknown, they were said to be serious.

He is suing for his lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering and other damages. His product liability lawsuit claims Ryobi is guilty of negligence, breach of implied warranty and strict liability.

The man claims that if the saw had a riving knife attached to it, his injuries would not have occurred or they would be much less serious. He also says that although the company was aware that the small metal piece can drastically reduce potential injuries, they did not install it on the table saw. He is accusing the company of not using safety technologies that were available in order to make their saw safer for the public to use.

The saw did come with a blade guard, but the man says it is very hard to use and in order to make certain cuts, the guard has to be taken off, putting the user in danger.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Bucks Co. man injured by table saw files products liability claim against Ryobi,” April 8, 2014

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