Man ejected from vehicle after collision in Philadelphia

It was not that many years ago that seat belts were not a huge priority for most people in Philadelphia. New research on the ways a seat belt can reduce injuries in the event of a car accident has swayed a lot of people and made wearing one important. Many states, including Pennsylvania, have seatbelt laws in place that make wearing a seatbelt mandatory for all people traveling inside a motor vehicle. In fact, Pennsylvania takes seat belts so seriously that it is one of the top states for enforcing seatbelt laws. These laws are put into place in order to protect drivers and their passengers.

One 42-year-old man likely was not wearing his seatbelt when he was involved in a collision in Northeast Philadelphia recently. Wearing one may have prevented him from being ejected from his vehicle during the crash. Authorities are still investigating the accident, but say that they do not think alcohol was a factor.

The accident happened around midnight when two vehicles collided. One of the drivers was an off-duty police officer. He was taken to the hospital with a broken wrist. The man who was ejected from his car was transported to the hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

Though it is not known which vehicle was responsible for the accident, those involved may wish to speak with an attorney in order to protect their interests and make sure they are properly compensated for their injuries, medical expenses and damage done to their vehicles.

Source: NBC 10 Philadelphia, “Man Ejected, Police Officer Hurt During Collision,” David Chang and Dan Stamm, Sep 16, 2013

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