Man claims that failure to treat bed sore led to daughter’s death

Most in Philadelphia would probably assume that medical problems develop before one goes to the doctor, not during the course of receiving medical treatment. Yet the body is often in a fragile state when being treated, and problems such as sickness, infection, and other ailments are not uncommon in patients during treatment. Yet some of these problems are easily avoidable if proper care is given by the clinicians treating a patient. A failure to provide that care could not only harm the patient, but also leave his or her healthcare provides facing a potential medical malpractice lawsuit.

A Kentucky man is currently suing the doctor and hospital where is his daughter was recently hospitalized after the woman died shortly after being discharged. He claims that the doctor and hospital staff were negligent in caring for his daughter during her stay. While in the hospital, the woman developed a bed sore. However, the man alleges that she was discharged without receiving the proper care needed to treat the injury. The wound eventually became infected, and the woman ending up dying only two days after being sent home from the hospital.

When patients acquire wounds or ailments while hospitalized or as a result of poor treatment by their healthcare providers, questions may immediately arise as to the quality of care that they received. If they believe that doctor negligence led to their problems, these patients or their representatives may have just cause in taking action against those providers. Making a case for medical negligence, however, can be quite complicated. Thus, those hoping to pursue such action may wish to seek the assistance of an attorney.

Source: WKYT “Lawsuit blames Magoffin County judge/executive for woman’s death” Tanner Hesterberg, June 05, 2014

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