Liability in car accidents can extend beyond drivers

Accidents are jarring regardless of the circumstances. Following impact in Philadelphia, a driver’s mind often races to understand what just happened in a matter of seconds. In some instances, the liability in car accidents is not readily apparent. Often we think of assigning liability to a driver, but sometimes liability lies elsewhere.

While we all want to believe that our vehicles are safe, this is not always the case. In some crashes in Pennsylvania, the blame lies not with a negligent or distracted driver, but with a faulty car. There have been instances in which auto manufacturers have recalled certain makes and models following identifiable liabilities blamed in crashes. In the worst of scenarios, these faulty vehicles can result in crashes that yield serious injury or death.

Chrysler recently included additional models to a recall that was originally issued last year. It appears that in the assembly of the recalled trucks, there was a piece that was left loose which was causing problems with the rear axle. This problem caused at least 15 drivers to lose control of their vehicle, ending in an accident.

When a carelessly made car is allowed to enter the market and causes serious injury or death to a victim, there can be financial compensation in order. Accidents resulting from a poorly made vehicle, a negligent driver or any other circumstances have the ability to radically alter a victim’s life permanently.

Following some motor vehicle accidents, liable parties can be held financially accountable for the medical expenses and suffering a victim is made to confront. To understand the best avenue for recovery, a victim would do well to speak with an experienced legal attorney.

Source: Reuters, “Chrysler recalls 370, 297 trucks for possible loose fastener,” Feb. 14, 2013

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