Lawsuit Claims Old Forge Man Was Never Told He Had Cancer

Patients in Philadelphia enjoy access to the finest healthcare system in the world. Yet even with all of the advances made in modern medicine, simple factors such as open communication between doctors and patients still have a dramatic effect on treatment outcomes. When the two sides fail to communicate effectively, they not only may lose out on the opportunity to put all of the resources available to them towards a patient’s care, but they also run the risk of missing important details related to the problems that patient may be experiencing. Those missed details could potentially lead to a life-threatening problem being overlooked.

This is exactly what an Old Forge man is claiming in a lawsuit that he recently filed against a local VA medical center. In his lawsuit, he states that he was repeatedly by staff at the center that he was suffering from an inflamed prostate, when in reality, he had prostate cancer. This incorrect diagnosis kept him from having his prostate removed before the cancer had a chance to spread. When it finally was detected, the cancer had metastasized to his bones. Yet he claims that he wasn’t even made aware that he had cancer by doctors. Rather, he discovered that he had the disease when going through letters sent by the VA to a local congressman that he had asked for help.

Due to their experience is diagnosing and treating disease, doctors are expected to know how to handle communicating information regarding a patient’s illness clearly and effectively. Any breakdown of that communication on a doctor’s part may be viewed by patients as negligence. Patients seeking compensation for such negligence through a medical malpractice lawsuit may find their chances of earning it increase with the help of an attorney.

Source: Insurance News Net, “Old Forge vet sues VA for improper cancer treatment,” Terrie Morgan-Besecker, July 15, 2014

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