Lawsuit Against Negligent Pennsylvania Nursing Home Settled

A Pennsylvania family entrusted their loved one, a retired nurse that was kind and seemingly gentle, to the care of a nursing home when the woman was 77 years old. The woman was in frail health, but able to communicate with her family and staff at the nursing home until a terrible event that sparked a rapid deterioration in her health that culminated in her death almost two years after the elderly woman’s family entrusted her care to the Altoona nursing home.

Reportedly, one of the staff members at the nursing home was a certified nurse’s aide that had a history of patient abuse at another nursing home in Pennsylvania. Not only was this woman hired in spite of her questionable past, but this particular certified nurse’s aide was reportedly witnessed assaulting another patient. On the same night that the aide was witnessed assaulting one elderly patient, it appears that two more patients were assault — one of these patients being the elderly retired nurse.

The elderly woman reported being hit. Court documents indicate the woman was “the victim of an assault in which she was pummeled in the face and nearly strangled.” An investigation was launched but then closed by police when a coroner determined that the woman passed away from heart problems.

However, the woman’s family was unwilling to believe that her attack did not lead to this woman’s health falling apart. The family sought justice and answers for this wrong doing. With the help of an experienced attorney, the family filed a lawsuit against the abuse this elderly Pennsylvania woman was subjected to. The lawsuit named the management company that ran the nursing home and the director of the facility as negligent parties for hiring an aide with a known history of mistreating vulnerable, elderly patients.

The lawsuit was recently settled with the management company agree to pay $125,000 for the assault of the defenseless elderly woman. It is critical that we trust nursing homes with our loved ones across Pennsylvania. When a facility or staff fail to meet these basic expectations, they can be held liable for the damages and their negligence.

Source:, “Valley View Home settles assault case,” Phil Ray, Feb. 6, 2013

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