What Should I Do If My Kid Is Hurt in a School Bus Crash?

Two school bus accidents involving Pennsylvania children made headlines recently. One crash occurred on Interstate 95 as nearly 30 eighth graders from CW Henry School traveled in a bus on their way to Washington DC for a class trip. Between Wilmington and Baltimore, the driver of a Honda Civic lost control of his vehicle when he tried to pass the school bus, causing him to clip the front of the school vehicle. The bus overturned, hit an embankment and crashed into a tree.

The aftermath of the CW Henry School bus accident was chaotic. Approximately 150 students, teachers, parent chaperones and first responders congregated at the accident scene. There were children being loaded into ambulances and others who adults were attempting to keep clear of the horrific crash site. A student and a teacher had to be airlifted to the hospital following the crash. Reportedly, 29 people were injured in the wreck.

A second school bus crash happened later that same week in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This wreck occurred when a car attempted to pass a 18-wheeler and its escort vehicle. The passing car hit the escort vehicle, which led to a multi-vehicle crash that included the school bus. The driver that caused the chain reaction accident fled the scene. During the multi-vehicle collision, the school bus flipped on its side, injuring 14 students.

Our children, above all else, should be protected. When the negligence or recklessness of another causes them harm, it’s our duty to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Our firm can give you the means to make things right, and help prevent future accidents.

In the video below, personal injury lawyer Fred Eisenberg discusses the injury lawsuit we filed on the student’s behalf against Stuyvesant High School and the City of New York. The lawsuit forced the City of New York to pay our client the highest settlement in its history.

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