Kenneth Rothweiler Featured on CBS after his Latest Multi-Million Dollar Verdict

Ken Rothweiler was featured on the CBS Evening News Health Alert for the multi-million dollar verdict he received against Temple University Health System. In the case, Montanez v. Temple University Health System, Ken recovered over $11 million for his client, Ms. Montanez. Ms. Montanez suffered severe and permanent injuries because emergency room doctors refused to perform a CT scan. The CT scan was not performed because her insurance would not pay for the scan and Temple Hospital would not be reimbursed the full dollar amount for the procedure. Outraged by the care given to a woman in need, CBS 3 reporter Stephanie Stahl spoke to Mr. Rothweiler about the treatment given to his client and the millions of patients who enter emergency rooms seeking help. The sad reality is that many hospitals will not perform necessary tests on patients who are underinsured or have no insurance. The CBS 3 Health Alert visits Ms. Montanez, examines the case in more detail, and looks for answers from Temple.