Ken Rothweiler Comments on the Controversial Interviews of Jerry Sandusky

Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky provided controversial interviews to national media about his alleged sexual abuse of minors that he met through his charity The Second Mile, and in the following weeks, his defense attorney Joseph Amendola stated that he believed the young men claiming traumatic abuse were coming forward for monetary reasons. The Philadelphia Inquirer turned to Kenneth Rothweiler, Esq., for his seasoned opinion on the public relations tactics used by Sandusky’s legal team.

“The decision to be interviewed on television by Bob Costas, bad move; the decision to be interviewed by the New York Times, bad move; and then he waives the preliminary hearing. I don’t see any good moves here,” said Kenneth Rothweiler, a Philadelphia personal-injury lawyer and television commentator on legal issues.

In cases where the facts, at least before trial, are overwhelmingly damaging to the accused, Rothweiler said, it is most advisable to keep the defendant out of public view. Typically, the safest course is for the defense attorney to do the talking, because those words cannot be entered by prosecutors as evidence, he said.

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Is about-face on Sandusky’s preliminary hearing genius or folly?