Ken Rothweiler Appearing on Fox 29 to Discuss the New Jersey Train Accident

Personal Injury Lawyer Ken RothweilerYou’re going to want to have your televisions set to Fox 29 at 7:15 am on Saturday, October 1, because our very own Ken Rothweiler will be featured in a segment on Fox 29 News regarding the Hoboken, New Jersey train accident.

During the segment, which will be hosted by Fox’s Bill Anderson, Ken will be providing detailed legal analysis and insights about the New Jersey commuter train crash, including:

  • What could have led to the train wreck?
  • Who is responsible for the injuries and damage?
  • What did authorities know beforehand? Could this tragedy have been avoided?
  • Will past train accidents, such as the 2011 crash at the same station that injured over 30 people, play a major part in the investigation?
  • Could we see a massive number of lawsuits? If so, who will be eligible to sue and why? Also, what’s the process for filing a lawsuit in this situation?
  • What type of fallout will the New Jersey Transit Authority, NTSB and Federal Railroad Administration face? Will drastic changes need to be made to better ensure passenger safety going forward?

Personal injury attorney Ken Rothweiler is a graduate of The Delaware Law School of Widener University and has been practicing law for 35 years. He co-founded Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C. and has tried more than 100 jury trials during his career. Ken has been regularly featured on Fox 29 News as a Legal Analyst since 2009. He is routinely called on to provide legal insights regarding incidents such as the New Jersey train accident.

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