Investigation finds nursing home failed to report suspected abuse

Nursing homes in Philadelphia have a duty to provide quality care for their residents and ensure that their safety is a top priority. When abuse of any kind is suspected, it must be reported and proper measures taken in order to end the abuse. When it is not, the nursing home can get into serious trouble with authorities.

This is the case for a nursing home that failed to report suspected elder abuse by two nurse aides. The state opened up an investigation into the home after it received anonymous tips. The investigation found that residents were either put at immediate risk of harm or were actually harmed by the two aides and that the home did not report the problem or investigate the sources of the resident’s unexplained injuries.

One of the aides is a 23-year-old woman who is said to have been heard calling a resident a racist name and telling him that bruises wouldn’t show up on him because he was black. She also is accused of kneeling on the patient after becoming angry with him.

The other aid is a 57-year-old man who allegedly crashed a resident into the wall and broke her femur while pushing her wheelchair down the hall. Instead of stopping to address the issue, he continued to push her into the lunchroom. He is also accused of causing a large skin tear on another resident’s arm.

There is absolutely no room for these types of abusive behaviors in a nursing home. Those who have loved ones who were affected by this abuse would be well advised to consult with a lawyer about their right to compensation.

Source: Wood TV, “State: Nursing home failed to report alleged abuse,” Ken Kolker, May 21, 2014

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