Incorrect MRI Causes Two Doctors to Misdiagnose Woman’s Cancer

Patients in Philadelphia rely on the accuracy of their medical records to ensure that their providers are given all of the information that they need regarding their medical histories. The trust that patients put in those providers often leads them to not follow-up on their own to ensure the accuracy of their records. Yet it’s important to remember that doctors are only human, and errors in treatment and the documentation of that treatment are inevitable. The problem is that when those errors lead to inaccuracies in a patient’s record, not only is their current treatment affected, but any further treatment they receive may be affected as well.

Such is the complaint being made in a medical malpractice lawsuit by an Ohio woman who claims that two separate doctors relied on incorrect imaging studies to treat what turned out to be a cancerous growth in her leg. Both the doctors saw the growth on preliminary x-rays, yet the first doctor then ordered an MRI of the wrong leg, which showed no abnormalities. He then based his treatment off of those findings. The second doctor relied on that initial incorrect MRI in making his diagnosis, again missing that the woman had a tumor inside the other leg. Once it finally was discovered, the cancer had spread to her lungs, dramatically impacting her chances of surviving the disease.

While doctors rely on the information in a patient’s medical record, they are also expected to use their own judgment in treating a patient’s current symptoms. A failure to do so could have a drastic long-term impact on a patient’s health. Patients whose doctors have made such mistakes may choose to bring legal action against them. A personal injury lawyer may be of great assistance in initiating such action.

Source: Lima Ohio, “Coldwater woman files medical malpractice lawsuit,” Greg Sowinski, July 22, 2014

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