Nearly One Million Hyundai Vehicles Recalled for Faulty Seat Belts

Nearly one million Hyundai vehicles throughout the country are being recalled for faulty seat belts. The front seat belts could detach and provide no protection for passengers in the event of a car crash. Recalled models include 2011 to 2014 Sonata sedans and 2011 to 2015 Sonata hybrid cars. Hyundai states the seat belt issues may stem from the seat belt anchor fastener failing to latch. So far only one injury has been reported by an owner whose seat belt loosened during a crash while driving a 2013 Sonata car. The recall begins on April 7, and dealers will repair the seat belts if necessary.

Starting with the mass recall of Takata airbags in numerous cars this past year, vehicle recalls are sweeping the car industry. When a defective part disrupts a car’s performance and endangers drivers and passengers, the possibility of car accidents increases as well as the potential for personal injuries or even fatalities.

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