How Do You Handle a Case Which Involves a Death in a Family?

Personal injury attorney Daniel Jeck has 20 years of experience in the legal field, and among that he has worked on many cases like those involving a death in a family. Jeck has found that clients can be in pain, angry even, especially when someone they loved has passed too soon. His mission is to help find answers for the loved ones, so that the focus is not on the sadness or anger but on putting things together and finding answers and solutions for the client. To consult with an attorney call (866) 569-3400.

Video Transcription:

You know, over the past 20 years unfortunately I’ve had the opportunity, too many times to work on cases involving deaths. And that’s a different situation, than when a client is alive and needs help, a death is final. The life of a case is a few years, so at the beginning of a case there is a whole different bottle of emotions that are involved with my clients and their families that isn’t really there at the end. Because it takes years for these, for the litigation to work itself through, and work itself out. You kind of have to work through that with the client. Fortunately most of our clients are, by the time they come to see us, they’re beyond the horrible sadness that’s involved when someone passes too soon, and there’s a lot of anger, and there’s always questions. And what I try and focus on are the questions. I let, I allow my clients to be angry, I allow them to be. I never shot anybody off emotionally, you would never do that, ever. But my job, as a lawyer is to get them answers, I find that in a death case where there are, there’s sadness and there’s anger, that it helps to get them answers as soon as possible. Because then the focus isn’t as much on the sadness or the anger it’s about finding the truth, and trying to put things together. For more information about our law firm please go to

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