Group wants FDA to put black box warnings on testosterone drugs

When men in Philadelphia show signs of fatigue and low libido, they may be suffering from low testosterone. Their doctor may recommend placing them on a testosterone replacement drug in order to counteract these symptoms. In the United States, the number of prescriptions for drugs containing testosterone reached over five million last year. Up until recently, these drugs were considered to be fairly safe, but new studies are showing some concerning issues regarding testosterone replacement.

In April 2013, 27 testosterone trials were published with stark differences. Fourteen trials were independent studies that showed that men who took testosterone doubled their chance of heart problems compared to those who did not take it. On the other hand, the 13 trials that were sponsored by pharmaceutical companies did not reflect the same findings. These studies did not indicate that there was any increase in heart problems in those who took testosterone replacement drugs.

Another study was conducted recently by UCLA researchers and looked at 55,000 men who started testosterone drugs. They found that for those who were over 65, in the first 90 days of starting the therapy, their risk of heart attack doubled. They also found that the risk of heart attack tripled in men under the age of 65.

With the results of these studies, a public advocacy group has requested that the FDA require companies to put black box warnings on these potentially dangerous drugs that warn users about the risks of heart problems.

If you have experience adverse side effects while taking testosterone replacement drugs, you may wish to speak with an attorney to discuss your right to compensation for your injuries.

Source: CBS News, “Group asks FDA for black box warning on testosterone products due to heart risks,” Michelle Castillo, Feb. 25, 2014

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