Group Home Worker Charged for Sexually Assault

A group home worker was charged for sexually assaulting wards who were residents of a group home in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The 31-year-old woman, who has since been fired from the job, committed the two assaults within only two weeks of employment. One assault of an 18-year-old male occurred in the laundry room, and the other began when the worker started leaving inappropriate letters for a 16-year-old male in his room, which resulted in attempts to hug the minor in the laundry room. Charges against the woman include institutional sexual assault and corruption of minors.

No individual deserves to experience any type of assault or abuse, especially from someone in a position of authority. If individuals are sexually assaulted, they may endure lifelong psychological repercussions and social problems from the incidents.

Pennsylvania Crime Victims Lawyers Eisenberg Rothweiler Defend Sexual Assault Victims

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