Are Government Auction Vehicles Safe?

deployed airbags after a hit and run accidentKFOX-TV recently ran a story about the government auctioning off recalled vehicles without repairing them first. Government auctions occur when the federal government sells vehicles it’s no longer using. The auctions allow the government to collect revenue for vehicles it can no longer use and it allows citizens to purchase vehicles at a fraction of the cost. However, while this sounds like a win-win for both sides, if the KFOX report is accurate, it may be putting the lives of the people buying these vehicles in danger.

According to the KFOX report, many of the cars and trucks the government is selling have been recalled, but the government has failed to repair the vehicles before auctioning them off to the public. Reportedly, these recalls include dangerous defects, such as exploding airbags. During the investigation for their story, the KFOX reporters found that of the vehicles they examined in a recent auction, over half had been recalled for auto defects that had yet to be repaired.

Why It’s Dangerous to Auction Off Vehicles with Open Recalls

Vehicles can be recalled for all sorts of reasons. In some cases, a car or truck is recalled due to something minor, such as when GM recalled 317,000 vehicles earlier this year for problems with the radio. However, often an auto recall is issued because of a serious defect that can lead to accidents, injuries and even death, such as:

  • Airbag defects
  • Tire defects that can lead to blowouts
  • Brake problems
  • Broken steering components
  • Seat belt failures
  • Acceleration issues

Due to the fact that auto recalls many times involve issues that threaten the safety of drivers and passengers, it is crucial that these vehicles are not allowed on the road until the necessary repairs have been made. Until vehicles with open recalls have been repaired, anyone who rides inside them and anyone who shares traffic with them is at risk of suffering catastrophic and fatal injury in an auto defect-related accident.

Have you ever bought a car or truck from a government auction? If so, what was the experience like and did you have any problems with the vehicle? Tell us about it in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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