Former Philadelphia Flyers Player Raises Brain Injury Awareness

Brain injuries are arguably one of the most debilitating fates a victim can suffer in an accident. Whether a brain injury results from service in the military, a car accident or a sports injury, it can leave a victim suffering for the remainder of their life. Further, in extreme cases, a brain injury can stifle all recognizable traces of a victim’s former personality, rendering them almost like a stranger to family and friends.

Research into the affects of multiple concussions, a risk for athletes in high-contact sports, is being given a significant amount of attention as more athletes appear to suffer lasting brain injuries. A former All-Star of the Philadelphia Flyers and current Philadelphia resident and father, Keith Primeau, is attempting to promote awareness of the lasting and far-reaching impacts of concussions.

He recently co wrote a book entitled, “Concussed! Sports-related Head Injuries: Prevention, Coping and Real Stories.” In it he details his four documented concussions and the linger affects he suffers. Seven years after his last concussion, he still regularly has headaches. Regarding the concussions, he says the injuries “damaged my brain repeatedly, and there’s a price to be paid.”

The former Philadelphia hockey player is also the founder of a website,, which aims to promote the awareness of how serious and detrimental a concussion can be.

He feels that serious changes need to be enacted in the game of hockey. In an interview he said, “Ultimately, I think (a ban on headshots) has got to be where it’s headed. Every situation can be dealt with in an individual basis, but ultimately, headshots will need to go.”

Hopefully, as more athletes raise awareness on this serious issue, the number of victims suffering from brain injury will decline in years to come.

Source: Sporting News, “‘I have a headache today’: Keith Primeau on living with concussions,” Jesse Spector, Sept. 20, 2012

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