Food Network Host Seriously Injured in Philadelphia Car Accident

“Next thing I knew, I woke up and had blood all over me,” reports Food Network host, Marc Summers, of regaining consciousness after a horrific car accident in Philadelphia last week.

Reportedly, Summers hailed a cab and ducked in to escape the torrential downpour that left many residents of Philadelphia feeling a little soggy last week. In Philadelphia for the taping of a Food Network show, the host was on the phone with his producer when it became apparent that the driver of the cab no longer had control over the vehicle. The car hydroplaned and crashed.

Summers’s face took the brunt of the impact as he crashed into the plastic partition that separates the passenger from the driver of a cab. Reportedly, so many bones were broken in the host’s face that he had to undergo a four hour operation with a plastic surgeon. Aside from an immense amount of pain, the host appears to be recovering well.

It is critical for driver’s to use caution and properly assess weather conditions when operating a vehicle. Furthermore, it is a taxi driver’s responsibility to safely transport the passenger to their destination. Failing to yield to weather conditions is a negligent act that can cause serious damage, as in the case of the Food Network host.

If a resident in Philadelphia were to find themselves in a similar situation, they would do well to know that there are options available as a means of recouping monetary losses in the wake of a car accident due to another’s negligence.

Source: Lime Life, “Food Network’s Marc Summers Suffers Horrible Facial Injuries in Taxi Crash,” Kim Muraro, Aug. 20, 2012

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