Is Fiat Chrysler Facing Its Own Dieselgate?

Car production line; Auto RecallsThe Detroit Free Press reported on a story recently involving the US Justice Department suing Fiat Chrysler because the diesel engines in some of the automaker’s vehicles violate the Clean Air Act. Could this be another Dieselgate?

What’s Wrong with the Diesel Engines in Fiat Chrysler’s Vehicles?

In their lawsuit, the Justice Department claims that Fiat Chrysler created software that acted as an emissions cheat device for its diesel vehicles. The devices allegedly enabled 104,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs and Ram pickup trucks to pass emissions tests that they otherwise would have failed. Reportedly, the devices increase the effectiveness of the vehicles’ emissions control system during testing and then reduce the system’s effectiveness during normal driving conditions.

How Can I Tell If an Auto Defect Caused My Car Accident?

Our personal injury law firm has years of experience successfully helping victims of car accidents caused by auto defects hold negligent auto manufacturers accountable, including recovering several multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements for clients. Recently, the Pennsylvania Superior Court upheld a $55 million verdict our firm secured for a client who was rendered a quadriplegic because of a seatbelt defect.

In the video below, product liability attorney Dan Jeck discusses signs that can help you determine if an auto defect led to your car accident.

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