2 Fatalities, 1 Injured in Feltonville Crash on Roosevelt Boulevard

A deadly truck accident occurred shortly before 9 a.m. in the Feltonville section of Philadelphia. Eyewitnesses report that an SUV rear-ended a tractor trailer, causing the Feltonville crash, which resulted in the closure of all northbound lanes on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Authorities have reported that two individuals had suffered fatalities and one was seriously injured in the Feltonville crash, though it is not clear what vehicles they were operating at the time.

While there is no further word as to what caused this deadly crash, truck accidents like this are common and deadly. When a vehicle rear-ends a truck, it can wind up directly beneath it. Rear end collisions with trucks are almost always fatal and can happen for any number of reasons, be it distracted drivingspeedingdrowsy driving, or driving under the influence.

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