Fatal Car Accidents Involving the Elderly Common in Pennsylvania

Despite safety and educational efforts, Pennsylvania is on top of the list of states with the highest rates of fatal car accidents linked to elderly drivers. When age becomes a factor that increases risks of causing harm to other drivers or a fatal accident, injured parties have legal solutions available for recovering fair compensation for their personal injury claims.

The next time you get into your vehicle, remember the following information:

This information highlights the need to provide more resources to older drivers to help reduce such tragic results. Interested parties, like AAA Mid-Atlantic, are working to encourage driving improvements to help elderly drivers and those around them stay safe. A new report compiled by AAA Mid-Atlantic offers recommendations aimed at keeping baby boomers mobile. Topics include training efforts such as classroom and online driving training that focuses on the problems of aging and how to compensate for such changes. The company has a new website, www.aaa.com/seniordriving, that is designed to provide state-specific information about senior driving with videos, slideshows, quizzes and brain fitness exercises for seniors.

The goal of such educational and continued training efforts is to cut risks of vehicle accidents by seniors in half. While this might be AAA’s goal, that doesn’t sound like a bad goal to have for overall traffic safety throughout the U.S. If you or a family member has been injured or killed in a car accident, contact a personal injury attorney to determine what legal action is available to help you recover damages, lost wages and expenses due to the preventable incident.


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