Is a Fatal Bus-Train Collision the Result of a Bus Driver’s Detour?

A fatal bus-train accident that happened earlier this month continues to make headlines as the findings from the investigation into what caused it come to light. Per WPMI-TV, the railroad crossing where the crash took place has a history of accidents due to design defects. And now, information has surfaced that the bus driver failed to follow the route he was given.

Reportedly, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reviewed the driving directions that the tour bus company provided the bus driver and discovered that the driver was not on the approved route at the time of the wreck. The bus was one of three tour buses carrying passengers to Boomtown casino when it became stuck at a railroad crossing and was hit by a train. The collision resulted in four deaths and 40 injuries.

If the bus driver had taken the route provided to him, the bus would have avoided the low ground clearance railroad crossing where it became stuck before the train struck it.

Why It Is Important to Hire an Attorney Dedicated to Uncovering the Truth

As NTSB investigators continue to investigate the cause of this fatal bus-train accident, personal injury attorney Daniel Jeck explains why conducting a thorough investigation is crucial to uncovering the truth behind an accident or injury.

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