Family Sues Ski Resort After Falling From Chair Lift

Traumatic brain injuries often keep those in Philadelphia who suffer from them from ever enjoying the quality of life that they’d become accustomed to prior to the injury occurring. In many cases, the victims of these injuries will require continuous medical treatment or possibly even lifelong care. Having to deal with these challenges can be extremely difficult for injury victims and their families. That difficulty may be compounded even further if it’s believed that the accidents that may have caused these injuries could have been prevented.

That’s the allegation being leveled by a Delaware family against a Maine ski resort. The family, along with many others, suffered serious injuries at the resort in 2010 when several chairs derailed off of a chair lift, causing victims to plummet nearly 30 feet to the ground. The family is currently suing the resort claiming that it knowingly operated the lift in hazardous conditions. The lift had actually been closed the day of the accident due to high winds, yet was later reopened after having been determined to be safe. The injuries sustained by the father of the family involved in the lawsuit were among the most serious to come out of the accident. Along with a broken back, he also suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The expenses associated with the treatment for a brain injury can be massive. Thus, victims who believe that their injuries were due to another’s negligence may choose to seek compensation to deal with those expenses just as this family has. Earning such compensation, however, can be quite difficult. Thus, those looking to initiate a liability lawsuit may wish to first consult with an attorney to determine the legitimacy of their claims.

Source: Press Herald, “Suit against Sugarloaf gets go-ahead,” June 11, 2014

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