Family’s malpractice case against health facility moves forward

There are few moments when a woman is more at the mercy of medical health professionals than when she’s pregnant and/or giving birth to a child. Family is the most important thing in the world to many, and the idea that medical professionals know what they are doing provides patients much comfort.

Sadly, doctors and nurses don’t always work according to the safety standards that they are supposed to, and that medical malpractice results in devastating loss. Such was the case for a Pennsylvania pair in 2005, who lost their child when it was delivered by professionals in a Lehigh Valley health care facility.

According to news reports, the mourning parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against doctors who worked at the women’s health facility a couple of years after the loss of their fourth child. They claim that the facility was negligent by not medicating the mother’s unique condition. She has a rare blood type that complicates pregnancies, a condition for which there is effective treatment.

The mother had delivered three healthy babies before the loss of the fourth. A medical facility that treated her before the now charged women’s health facility did treat the mother’s rare condition. Her second and third children, however, were born healthy without treatment, a point that didn’t convince the Pennsylvania Superior Court that the medical malpractice charges against the named facility should be dropped.

With the facility’s request for summary judgment denied, the plaintiffs can now move forward to fight for a semblance of justice following their preventable tragedy.


The Citizen’s Voice: “Court allows wrongful death lawsuit to proceed,” 2 Jul. 2011

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