Family risks losing three daughters to recent accident

A community in our neighboring state of New Jersey is living with the scary reality of the dangers of the road. A traffic accident involving a school bus and a garbage truck has already claimed at least one life, the life of an 11-year-old student.

The accident occurred on Thursday morning, while the school bus was carrying a reported 25 children. Authorities are continuing in their investigation into the crash in order to determine the sequence of events and whether criminal charges will be filed.

As police try to find answers, the family of the one child who sustained fatal injuries has a lot to hope for. Not only have they lost the one child, but her two sisters (they were triplets) were also on the bus during the accident and are in critical condition. One other student was also critically injured and being treated at a hospital as well.

So far, reports don’t include much information about the details of the accident. Reportedly, the bus and dump truck were at the same intersection, the bus with a stop sign and the truck with a yellow light, before the crash took place. One child from the accident claims that the truck crashed into the bus.

The impact of the crash was severe enough to send the bus into a pole and crush the side of the bus. What police need to determine is which of the drivers was in the intersection when they shouldn’t have been. That information will guide any criminal charges and also any potential personal injury lawsuits that could stem from the serious accident.


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