Family of elderly woman alleges nursing home abuse

One way that Pennsylvania elders suffer abuse is in the form of nursing home negligence. When elderly individuals do not receive the proper care that they need, they can be harmed physically, leaving them with lasting injuries and sometimes even wrongful death.

An elderly woman is now clinging to life in the care of hospice after her basic needs were neglected while in the care of a nursing home and a home health care agency.

First, the woman sustained a broken hip while in the care of a home health care agency. Apparently, the home health care workers left her alone despite the fact that she was at risk for falls.

She then went into a nursing home, where she lived full-time while recovering from her broken hip. According to a lawsuit filed by her family, the woman was denied food, water, wound care and general health care while under the nursing home’s responsibility. This neglect left her malnourished, dehydrated and with an infection that required hospitalization.

The lawsuit claims that both of the health care organizations were negligent and abused the woman by neglecting her.

Although there has only been one other complaint against the nursing home this year, last year, the nursing home had 15 complaints. Based on the number of citations, deficiencies, complaints and reports over the past three years, this 98-bed nursing home was given a poor rating by the government agency that rates nursing homes and home health care services in that state. This means that it scored in the worst 20 percent of nursing homes of similar size in the same area.

Interestingly, the home health care agency that was responsible for the woman when she broke her hip had received a superior rating because it had no other complaints in the past five years.

This woman’s daughter recently filed a lawsuit on her behalf claiming that the facilities that were commissioned to care for her elderly mother negligently acted with disregard for her mother’s well-being. If this woman does end up passing away as a result of the negligence of these two facilities, then that lawsuit would become a lawsuit on her behalf resulting from her wrongful death.

Source:, “Nursing home sued for negligence,” Marsha Trent, Oct. 27, 2011

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