Expensive Strollers Can Be Dangerous Products, Too

It is easy for shoppers to assume that the more money they spend on something, the better and safer the product is. Especially when parents are buying products for their children, they are more likely to fall victim to the myth that more money means they are less likely to buy an unsafe or defective product.

But a recent product recall announcement is a reminder that even relatively high cost products can have their safety problems, too. No matter how much money they’ve spent, parents and consumers need to pay attention to product recalls in order to prevent death and injury related to dangerous products.

Child stroller manufacturers Peg Perego and Kolcraft Enterprises, Inc. have both announced product recalls. The most serious recall is that of Peg Perego, since actual death and injury have resulted from the dangerous design of some of their strollers. A California child, for example, was strangled to death when he got caught between the seat and tray of a now recalled stroller.

This link will take you to the source with the list of all of the recalled stroller models. In more general terms, the strollers that have been recalled are the Venezia and Pilko-P3 models built between 2004 and 2007. The costs of the strollers ranged from between $270 and $450.

The company’s more newly built strollers shouldn’t have the same problems regarding strangulation potential due to new product safety laws that require more space between stroller seats and trays. Anyone who is unsure that they are using a safe stroller, however, should check the model number and discontinue the use of the stroller until they are sure it’s not on the product recall list.

A stroller ride is commonly a special bonding time between parent and child. When that time and the very life of a child are compromised due to a preventable design danger, manufacturers must step up and take action. It’s unfortunate that even one serious accident had to happen in this scenario in order to get the dangerous products officially recalled.

Source: The Associated Press, “Company recalls hundreds of thousands of strollers,” July 24, 2012

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