Does Exercising Help Prevent Breast Cancer from Returning?

The Washington Post recently featured an article regarding how exercise can help survivors prevent breast cancer from returning following remission.

How Can Exercise Help Prevent Breast Cancer from Coming Back?

The report in the Post focusses on a study concerning breast cancer survivors’ lifestyle changes following treatment. The researchers used data from 67 separate studies to see how the behavior of women who survived breast cancer determined whether they remained cancer-free or their cancer returned. According to the data, breast cancer survivors can reduce the likelihood that their cancer returns by 40 percent if they exercised. However, if breast cancer victims gained weight during or following treatment, they were at an increased risk of their cancer coming back and they also lowered their odds of having their cancer go into remission.

In addition, the study explored how diet can increase or decrease the chances of breast cancer recurring. While the research did not show that any particular diet helped lower the odds of breast cancer returning, it did reveal that a diet high in saturated fat showed signs of raising breast cancer mortality rates.

What Happens If a Doctor Fails to Diagnose Breast Cancer?

As firm partner and injury attorney Nancy Winkler explains in this video, when breast cancer is diagnosed too late, it can cost people their lives and devastate families.

In our next blog post, we will discuss how false positive breast cancer misdiagnoses are leading to women delaying future mammograms.

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