Everyday reason to hurry leads to Philadelphia hit and run crash

Tomorrow morning marks the beginning of yet another work week. Mondays are often the hardest days to get up, face the work day ahead of us and jump back into the demanding pace of the week ahead.

Don’t let the demands of your job, however, put anyone’s life at risk. Late last month, a young Pennsylvania man did what so many of us do all of the time. He got up, got ready and sped off to work. He was reportedly running late. In his hurry, he caused a car accident that took an unsuspecting victim’s life.

According to local news reports, the crash occurred on Jun. 25. The liable driver is 19 years old; the accident victim, 50. For nearly a month after the crash took place, authorities didn’t know who was responsible for the wreck. The young driver had fled the scene and was only recently identified when he turned himself in to local authorities.

He reportedly admitted to the hit-and-run and is now charged with homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter, speeding, careless driving and reckless driving. This is the defendant’s first run-in with the law, which could be a relevant factor when it comes to his case.

Currently, he is out on bail, and sources do not yet disclose whether family related to the accident victim plans to file a wrongful death suit against the young driver. Sure, we all might have been in a hurry to get to work before, but in this case of untimely death, that reason doesn’t give back the life that’s been lost.


The Morning Call: “Man surrenders to police on charges in fatal Rt. 22 crash,” Pamela Lehman, 29 Jul. 2011

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