Energy Drink Blamed for Teen’s Death, Lawsuit Alleges

As consumers, we trust that the products on the shelves of grocery stores are safe to eat and drink. Not all products on the shelves are reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration, however. Energy drinks are one such product because they are considered a dietary supplement rather than a beverage. This comes as a surprise to many. Recent reports of consumer deaths linked to energy drinks have put a lot of attention on the liability of the manufacturers.

The safety of various brands of energy drinks are currently being investigated by the FDA. While the agency has not yet determined if the drinks should be considered dangerous or not, many people are claiming that consuming the beverage led to the death of loved ones. To date, five lawsuits have been filed against Monster Beverage Corporation for various reasons. One lawsuit has claims that the manufacturer should not be marketing the beverage to children because it is a dangerous product. The most recent lawsuit alleges a California teenager died from heart problems caused by drinking the beverage on a regular basis; another lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Maryland teen that reportedly died from consuming the energy drink as well. Both lawsuits claim there is insufficient warning on the packaging about the health risks associated with drinking energy drinks.

The outcome of these lawsuits could set a precedent for those who may have suffered illness or others who have lost a loved one from caffeine toxicity as a result of consuming the beverage. If your life has been impacted in some way from drinking energy drinks regardless of the manufacturer you may want to consult with an attorney regarding your options. You may be entitled to compensation.

Source: Huffington Post, “Monster Energy Drink Sued By Paula Morris, Mom Upset Over Death Of Teenage Son, Alex Morris,” Associated Press, June 26, 2013

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