Elderly resident falls victim to nursing home predator

There are a number of nursing homes and care centers throughout Philadelphia that provide extraordinary care for those in their twilight years. Sadly, there are also some facilities that become a breeding ground for predators. The elderly often make easy victims because of their inability to both personally combat such abuse and, in many cases, to report it. While family members are encouraged to be vigilant and on the lookout for signs of nursing home abuse, the facilities themselves also have a responsibility to monitor the actions of their staff, especially when it comes to their interactions with residents.

The family of an elderly Maine man certainly didn’t believe that he would become involved in such abuse when they entrusted him to the care of a local nursing home after he began suffering from dementia. Yet sadly, the man became the victim of a nursing home employee’s sexual abuse. While he tried to communicate what was going on to his family, it took another employee catching his abuser in the act to finally bring the abuse to light. It was later discovered that the abusive employee had previously been convicted of a number of criminal offenses, among which were lasciviousness and lewd behavior.

One may think that such offenses would have been discovered before ever hiring the man. Yet they weren’t, and as a result, his victim was made to suffer the same abuse and humiliation that many others have suffered at the hands of so-called caregivers. The families of these victims may have legitimate concerns as to why nursing home administrators would allow such predators to work in their facilities. For some, those concerns could lead them to seek compensation for their loved ones’ pain and suffering. Earning such compensation may be easier with the assistance of an attorney.

Source: WCSH-TV “Grandfather abused by nursing home worker” July 30, 2014

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