How Did Eight Doctors Fail to Diagnose a Mother’s Breast Cancer?

Photo of hopeful cancer woman with friendHow could eight doctors handle the same woman’s case and each fail to diagnose breast cancer? That is what a judge in Florida was asking recently when he ruled in favor of a woman in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving cancer misdiagnosis. The single mother of two will recover $21.6 million as a result of the verdict. However, that money will be for her children. Her cancer was not caught in time for treatment to cure it, meaning radiation therapy that she continues to undergo is just so she can try to survive another day for her children.

Over the course of a year, the woman, who is a former emergency room nurse, underwent several mammograms and ultrasounds after noticing breast abnormalities. Since the woman was breastfeeding at the time, there was confusion about whether she had cancer or mastitis, which is a type of breast infection. Mastitis and certain forms of breast cancer share symptoms, including change in skin texture, pain and redness. Reportedly, she had radiological and clinical findings consistent with inflammatory breast cancer, but her doctors failed to track the abnormalities in the findings during her follow-up screenings, leading to the delayed diagnosis.

Our Firm Fought for a Mother Who Was a Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Victim

In the video below, medical malpractice attorney Nancy Winkler talks about a breast cancer misdiagnosis case she handled involving a mother and her son.

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