Dunn Was Driving Drunk; West Chester Bar Won’t Be Held Liable

In a recent post, we discussed the car accident that took the life of “Jackass” celebrity Ryan Dunn and his passenger. It was initially reported that toxicology results would take at least a few weeks to come back. But they came back sooner than expected, with important findings.

According to reports, the suggestion that Dunn’s Philadelphia crash was the result of drunk driving was right on. Lab tests allegedly show that the star’s BAC level was more than two times the legal limit of 0.08. That fact proves again how dangerous it is to drink and drive.

Not only did the investigation find that the incident was a DWI crash, but it also showed that the star was speeding before the crash. A reconstruction of the severe accident indicates that Dunn might have been driving as fast as 140 mph before the impact. At that speed, it is no surprise that the car and victims were basically unrecognizable at the accident scene.

As we mentioned in the earlier post about this high-profile accident, images of Dunn drinking at a bar before the accident were shared on Twitter. Those images combined with the star’s BAC level leaves some questioning whether the bar he attended that night is somewhat liable for the accident.

A Philadelphia source reports that state authorities have found no reason to target the bar for negligence. Dunn reportedly did not appear to be extremely drunk at the bar, plus sources claim that the bar employees didn’t serve him all of the drinks he consumed. Friends and fans in the bar brought Dunn various drinks.

In the end, therefore, there is no one around to blame for this tragic loss. Dunn should not have gotten behind the wheel to drive but, sadly, didn’t live to learn that lesson. Hopefully, his friends and fans will at least take that costly lesson to heart.


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