Driver Star Struck After Hitting Bam Margera’s Car

Car accidents happen all the time, and usually the other driver is a total stranger. But once in a while, the person is someone you recognize, perhaps even a celebrity, which can cause some people to react strangely.

That is apparently what happened to a pickup truck driver in Pocopson Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania on Oct. 27 when he became involved in a minor car accident with Brandon “Bam” Margera, one of the stars of the television and movies stuntman series “Jackass.” According to Pennsylvania State Police, Margera was driving south when the other man, who has not been identified, attempted to turn left but struck Margera’s Porsche.

Fortunately, neither driver was injured. When Margera asked the man what had happened, the other man reportedly admitted being distracted by his GPS device. Then he recognized Margera and “got excited and happy when he realized who he hit,” according to Margera’s mother. The incident became even stranger when, while the pair waited for the police, another man pulled over to ask directions to a nearby apple farm.

Police filed the accident as a “non-reportable crash” due to the lack of injuries, minor damage to the vehicles and lack of evidence either driver was operating under the influence. The truck driver received a warning.

The accident came around four months after the fatal car accident in the Philadelphia area that claimed the life of Margera’s “Jackass” co-star and close friend Ryan Dunn and his passenger in June.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, “‘Jackass’ star in accident, draws attention,” Kathleen Brady Shea, Oct. 30, 2011