Driver of Fatal Pennsylvania Crash Gets at Least 6 Years

The judge presiding over a case involving a severe car accident that took place last August didn’t take the case lightly. A defendant can be remorseful and young, but that doesn’t mean he or she won’t face harsh sentencing in the end.

Two young lives were lost in last year’s crash. Both of the victims were the now 21-year-old defendant’s buddies; they were riding with their friend on that fateful day in Penndel. There was also a third friend in the car who survived his crash injuries.

The victims’ families have been mourning the death of their loved ones (both 18 years old at the time they died), while waiting for justice to be served. While no sentence can ever bring back what they lost, hopefully Thursday’s sentencing announcement brings them some closure.

According to a Philadelphia source, the defendant was charged with various crimes. On Aug. 14, 2010, he was driving a car without a license, fled police and sped into a brick wall, the impact of which critically injured his friends. As a result of his recklessness, he was charged with vehicular homicide, aggravated assault, drunk driving and more. Sources report he drove into the wall while driving 92 mph.

He pleaded guilty to the serious charges and was sentenced to serve six to 12 years in prison. The defendant was reportedly highly emotional during his sentencing hearing and expressed his shame and remorse regarding the loss and pain that he’s caused. Despite the apparent emotions, the judge couldn’t help but note the excessive recklessness that contributed to the crash.

Even though it seems like the defendant is sorry and taking responsibility for what he did at this point, the problem is what he did with his responsibility over his friends’ lives when he got behind the wheel and caused the fatal accident.

Whether civil charges were filed in this case was not disclosed in our source.


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