Driver from Pennsylvania road sign wreck is off the hook

Back in April, we shared a post about a car accident in the state that was somewhat unique. The fatal Pennsylvania accident wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the presence and launching of a highway road sign.

A 31-year-old journalist was driving her car in East Cocalico Township on April 16 when the unexpected cost her her life. A road sign crashed through her car, hit her head, caused her to veer, crash and land in a ditch. She didn’t survive the auto accident, and the crash prompted an investigation into the driver who hit the sign crashed into the victim’s car.

Now, nearly two months after the fatal accident, the driver who has likely lived in fear that he’d face more serious criminal charges can breathe a little easier. An assistant district attorney says, “The investigation showed that this was nothing more than an accident with tragic consequences.” As a result of the incident, the driver will ultimately have paid $661 in fines.

Earlier suspicions were that the driver might have crashed into the road sign because he was tired, drunk or driving while distracted. Apparently, authorities couldn’t identify any of those reckless behaviors as the cause behind the crash.

The driver wasn’t the only target for investigation. The victim’s father wondered whether the placement of the road sign was a safety hazard that could have been avoided or should be avoided in the future. Pennsylvania officials, however, have addressed that concern, claiming that the state and federal standards were followed with regards to the placement of the construction sign on the concrete median.

Sources do not disclose whether the accident victim’s family has plans to try to move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit. At this point, it sounds like there are some dead ends that could make a civil lawsuit more difficult.

Source: Lancaster Online, “Police: No charges in fatal accident involving airborne road sign,” Ryan Robinson, June 4, 2012

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