Don’t let a bike ride with your child turn tragic

Life would be so much easier if only we could fully trust that all products we buy were as safe as they appear. The importance of trusting in the safety of consumer products becomes more significant when we have kids and put lots of our money into things that they need and want.

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for product manufacturers from drug companies to toy companies to announce that their products are, in fact, potentially dangerous. A recent product recall turns what parents want to see as a carefree day outdoors into a potential fatal accident. A bicycle trailer meant to pull kids behind their bicycling parent has been recalled.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a Canadian company has voluntarily recalled more than 40,000 bicycle trailers and 70,000 of their bicycle trailer conversion kits. They run the risk of breaking, sending the trailer with a child inside away from the safety of his parent and potentially into a dangerous street.

Sources report that a few of the reported incidents related to the defective products occurred in the U.S. It’s quite surprising, in a good way, that the incidents haven’t led to serious injury. You can likely imagine how bad it could turn out if a trailer carrying a child were to detach from the parent’s bike and roll into the line of traffic.

Anyone who has the Chariot Carriers products should stop using them immediately. Sure, it might not be prime bicycling time in Philadelphia, but don’t let that stop you from ensuring the safety of your children for when that time of year does swing back around. Make sure that your bicycle trailer is safe so that when you get the itch to hit the road with your child this spring, you know that you are not using a dangerous, recalled product.


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