Doctor Sued for Causing Nerve Damage to Baby During Delivery

Despite advances in obstetrical science, childbirth can still be a complicated process. Yet many in Philadelphia still perceive the delivery of a baby to be a routine procedure, and thus are shocked when complications do occur. Such complications can be catastrophic due to the fragile nature of unborn babies, often leaving them with serious injuries that require them to remain reliant on medical care for the rest of their lives. Because the possibility of such outcomes is very real, doctors, midwives, and nurses are expected to use the utmost care during delivery, as any abrupt or excessive stress on a baby can result in these types of injuries.

An Illinois mother is currently involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who delivered her baby. Her daughter, who weighed over nine lbs. at birth, became stuck in the birth canal by her shoulder. The woman claims that because of the baby’s size, she should have been delivered by C-section. Instead, the doctor attempted multiple times to maneuver the baby in order to deliver her shoulder. She claims the repetitive and excessive downward tilting of the baby’s head during delivery left her with nerve damage that the girl must deal now deal with for rest of her life.

While doctors are human and thus subject to these same errors in judgment as everyone else, they’re often held to a high standard since the consequences of their actions can so drastically alter the lives of their patients. Those affected by doctor errors may have cause to pursue compensation for their pain and suffering. The chances of earning such compensation may improve dramatically with the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

Source: Madison County, “Record Child’s birth injury subject of medical malpractice case at trial,” Ann Maher, Aug. 12, 2014

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