Doctor Faces Hundreds of Lawsuits After Spinal Cord Injuries

Your spine is what holds your body upright. It enables you to move your arms and legs. It literally keeps you on your feet. That’s why a spinal cord injury can be incredibly devastating. There are a number of things that can cause these incidents, and the last thing most people in Philadelphia would expect is to suffer such an injury at the hands of their trusted doctor. One physician’s patients have learned that lesson the hard way and are seeking justice.

A woman sat nearly motionless for seven days in court as her attorney argued one of 175 malpractice suits he has filed against an Ohio spine surgeon. The woman suffers from a permanent injury and debilitating pain. She cried when the bailiff read the decision that she would be awarded $1.04 million for the botched a procedure the doctor performed on her back.

According to her testimony, the woman was scared into having the surgery, as the doctor told her she would be paralyzed without it. The jury found that the physician violated the standard of care and, without her consent, gave the woman a bone growth hormone that spine doctors had been warned against using.

The attorney who filed the lawsuit plans to file an additional 220 cases against the physician, alleging he performed hundreds of unnecessary surgeries and botched many of them, leaving his patients in a worsened condition. The woman in this case said she was happy that justice was served, and her hope is that other patients will be vindicated as well. Anyone who suffers an injury due to a physician error should pursue a lawsuit with the help of an attorney.

Source: WCPO, “First plaintiff wins malpractice case against Mason spine doctor Atiq Durrani,” Greg Noble, Jan. 14, 2014

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