Defective airbags can cause serious injuries

When an injury victim in Philadelphia or anywhere else across Pennsylvania is critically injured in an accident, conducting an investigation to understand the factors that yielded the injuries is crucial. Such investigation is necessary to understand where liability should be assigned in order for an individual injured to be best positioned to pursue financial compensation for their medical bills, suffering and related expenses following an accident.

However, liability is not always entirely straight forward, and it can fall on multiple parties. A negligent driver could cause a collision, resulting in injuries to an innocent victim. That victim could pursue a personal injury claim in order to financially recoup.

However, the victim’s injuries could be further aggravated if the airbag or other safety devices in the car did not function properly. In some instances individuals have been seriously injured and even blinded when particles are projected at high speeds from improper airbag deployment. Depending on the circumstances, this could be grounds for a claim of product liability.

While we want to think that our cars are safe, this is not always the case. It appears that a Japanese manufacturer that provides parts for airbags in millions of cars internationally has found reports of faulty airbags. Reportedly, there have been cases of airbags exploding with too much pressure, thereby sending shrapnel at passengers on impact. While there have not been any reported deaths or serious injuries from this, 3 million cars have been recalled globally from various automakers to rectify the issue.

Understanding the different areas of liability and how to best pursue compensation following an accident can be confusing, but an experienced legal attorney can demystify the process for victims in Pennsylvania.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Huge recall for Honda, Toyota, more: Airbags can spray shrapnel,” Jerry Hirsch, April 11, 2013


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