Couple Wants to Stop Cars From Crashing Into Pennsylvania Home

What did you do over the weekend? If you are like many homeowners, you often use the weekends to make your yard and home beautiful. If you were one couple in Pennsylvania, however, you might decide there is no use in touching up your house in your freetime. By the time you get the home looking nice, a driver would likely just crash into it.

We all know that multi-vehicle car accidents are common. When we are on the roads we know that there’s a risk that we could be involved in a crash. But when most of us are in our homes we think we are in a safe zone away from the threat of a crash. A couple in Easton not only has learned that they are not safe in their home, but they have learned that on a consistent basis.

ABC News reports that the couple has had drivers crash into the same part of their Pennsylvania home on four occasions. In the past six months, the house has been hit three times, the most recent crash occurring last week. Not only did the side of their home get damaged but so did their car.

Right near the couple’s home is a road with a bridge on which drivers have a tendency to speed. The driver who most recently crashed into the house allegedly was driving 65 mph in the 30 mph zone. He got injured in the wreck. His insurance, according to the frustrated couple, won’t cover the damage that’s been done to their house again.

The Pennsylvania couple is both scared and frustrated. They have wanted to put up a large boulder on their property to stop cars from hitting their home and prevent damage. They’ve been prohibited from doing so, however, because the rock could cause injury to drivers. Then the couple could get hit with a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. They are scared because all it would have taken for the recent accident to turn into injury for them is another minute or so. One of the homeowners was about to get into his car when it was hit by the out-of-control motorist.

The most recent crash will undoubtedly inspire continued effort from the couple to protect their property and their lives.

Source: ABC News, “Pa. Couple Tired of Cars Crashing Into Home,” Christina Ng, May 16, 2012