Contaminated beef from out of Pennsylvania is recalled

It’s easy to forget that the produce and other products in your kitchen didn’t simply just come from your local grocery store. It was likely driven miles and miles in a truck, produced in a state outside of your own, and the company responsible for the product is likely located in another state than where it was prepared.

With the various sources of involvement with a product, it is easy to see how dangerous products can hit the market and go too long without being noticed. A large company has issued a product recall of nearly 30,000 pounds of hamburger that was prepared in and shipped out of Pennsylvania. The reason behind the recall? Possible salmonella contamination.

Reuters doesn’t report that there have been any directly associated illnesses or deaths to the bacterial contamination, but history proves how dangerous salmonella can be. Consumers from Massachussetts, New York, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont who have bought or eaten hamburger will want to identify whether their meat is part of the recall.

The package would list a “use or sell by” date of between May 9 and June 16. Many people stock up on meat and store it in their freezers. This meat is no longer sold in stores, but consumers are encouraged to check their freezers and discard any recalled product.

What led to the possible contamination has not been determined, or at least it hasn’t been publically shared. As the world learned with the recent listeria contamination that was fatal for some, bacterial outbreaks can sometimes be connected to the negligent handling of products. If we learn that that is the case regarding this product recall or any other products, we will let you know.

Source: Reuters, “Cargill recalls U.S. ground beef after salmonella outbreak,” July 23, 2012

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