Is My Child’s Halloween Costume Safe?

birth injury lawyers in PhiladelphiaEarlier this year, there was a recall issued for the Disney Buzz Lightyear sound effect costume due to a product liability issue. Reportedly, it was discovered the outfits pose a strangulation risk to children. The Buzz Lightyear costumes apparently did not include a proper hazard warning explaining that the outfits are unsuitable for kids under 3 years old. This is due to the fact that the attached cord on the costume’s wings poses a strangulation risk to children that young.

This story should serve as a warning to parents as they pick out Halloween costumes for their kids. Unfortunately, not all children’s costumes are safe. Therefore, parents must take the extra time to make sure a Halloween outfit is safe before allowing their kids to wear it.

How to Pick Out Safe Halloween Costumes for Kids

According to Good Housekeeping, a few rules that parents should follow when choosing Halloween costumes for their kids include:

  • Avoid flammable fabrics – Fabrics that are more likely to catch fire are jute, cotton, acetate and linen. Fabrics that are synthetic, such as nylon and polyester, usually just melt if they catch on fire, which causes them to self-extinguish quickly.
  • Check labels – These often contain instructions for how the costume is to be worn as well as safety warnings. In addition, pick a costume with a label that promises it’s flame resistant. This will not completely prevent it from catching on fire, but it does mean that it won’t catch fire easily and can extinguish itself quickly if it begins to burn.
  • Skip capes and large sleeves – Due to their length, it’s easy for loose sleeves and capes to accidentally get caught on objects, catch fire from a nearby object or become a tripping hazard.
  • Limit accessories – If a child’s costume requires accessories, such as purses, scarves or wings, make sure they’re small. Anything that can has to be worn near or around the neck, like a purse strap or scarf, can become a choking hazard.
  • Keep the use of glitter to a minimum – Spray glitter can turn a flame resistant costume into a very flammable one.

Do you have kids who are trick or treating age? If so, how do keep them safe when you take them out trick or treating? Share your approach in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. Maybe it will provide some good advice for other parents on how to keep their little ones safe when they go out this Halloween.

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